Collection: Ruby Chocolate Collection

Introducing a revolution in the confectionery universe, a chocolate that distinguishes itself with finesse and a soft, velvety touch—born from the crimson-hued cocoa beans of South America. This innovative chocolate variety enchants with its elegant blush tones and intriguing savor of tart berries, a captivating flavor profile naturally present in the beans themselves. It claims its rightful place as the "fourth type of chocolate," joining the cherished ranks of dark, milk, and white chocolate.

For centuries, the unique red cocoa beans were overshadowed, labeled unpalatable, until a visionary Belgian chocolatier, Barry Callebaut, embarked on a 14-year journey to harness its hidden potential. Through meticulous crafting and a bespoke process, they successfully isolated the sublime essence of the beans while mitigating any undesirable tastes or scents. The result? A gourmet delight that hadn't been conceived until now. Ruby chocolate is a testament to innovation, patience, and the unceasing pursuit of perfection in the world of refined sweets, which will undoubtedly allure the palates of foodies and culinary aficionados alike.

Ruby Chocolate Collection