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Premium Hot Chocolate Choices

24-Box of Chocolate Tiles

24-Box of Chocolate Tiles

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Imagine a bowl of these next to your Keurig and you're set with a mocha every morning!

Whether you're a chocoholic or just need a sweet little indulgence, our Chocolate for Coffee Mocha Nibbles are a fun treat to share with friends or keep all to yourself. Handmade from the best chocolates in Belgium, it's no wonder these little squares are so addicting! This 24-pack bites of chocolate come in handy individual packets so you can nibble on them whenever you like.

 Our chocolate squares are little 10 gram squares of our Belgian chocolate, perfect for nibbling. 

Create a custom bag by choosing 24 tiles from any of our flavors:

Great for …

  • nibbling (each is a quarter of our chocolate bars)
  • coffee mochas (the same tiles used in our coffee gift sets, just wrapped)
  • hot and frozen hot chocolate (five tiles make a disk)
  • milkshakes and chocolate milk (see our recipes)
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