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Hi folks

This is Timm Rittberg, owner and operator of Premium Hot Chocolate Choices. I run this company and web site together with my wife Bonnie Duncan, out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

We started the idea of this company back in June of '21 after sampling some chocolate bombs and being somewhat disappointed, even with the premium ones. But we realized these were really made for kids.

Our Goal

What we really wanted was a rich, lucious hot chocolate that adults can appreciate, like a fine wine. No need for extra like marshmallows or whipped cream and sprinkles, just the fine taste of the best chocolate in the world.

So we searched the world and decided on using a company called Callebaut, that makes the finest Belgian chocolate in the world. They associate with Cocoa Horizons, an organization dedicated to sustainable agriculture and fair trade practices.

Our Process

The best chocolate deserves to be made by the best process, so we created one that isolates and protects the chocolate while maximizing its aroma and taste using the Sous Vide (boil in bag) method.

From the moment the chocolate arrives, to the act of pouring it into molds, the chocolate is safely cocooned inside a vacuumed sealed bag. Precise temperatures and timings are provided by the programmed Sous Vide equipment to temper the finest chocolate into the tastiest chocolate for hot chocolate.

Environmentally, the use of Sous Vide bags actually creates less waste of chocolate, discarded PPE and cleaning materials than would be made in a commercial kitchen environment.

After the molds are poured they are placed into a temperature controlled cooling tower to let the chocolate solidly sets into its shape. And when set, the chocolate is packaged and shipped to the customer, or stored in a vacuumed sealed bag until required.


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