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Premium Chocolates

Premium Chocolate Sampler Box

Premium Chocolate Sampler Box

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Indulge in our Premium Chocolate Sampler Box, filled with eight scrumptious flavors. Each flavor comes in four, coin-shaped 5-gram pieces:

  • Dark (54%)
  • Milk
  • White
  • Gold Caramel
  • Ruby
  • Light Mint
  • Peanut butter
  • Cinnamon

Toss one into your coffee to add a burst of taste, sweetness, and creaminess - it's the perfect playful surprise.



C: unsweetened chocolate,
S: sugar,
B: cocoa butter,
D: maltodextrin,
M: whole milk powder,
N: cinnamon powder,
P: peanut butter powder
L: lecithin (soy/sunflower),
V: natural vanilla flavour,
A: citric acid,
W: whey powder,
T: salt,
1: milk sugar,
2: skim milk powder,
3: caramelized sugar,
4: peppermint flavour,
5: green food colour.
6: natural PB flavour
7: natural cinnamon flavour

Dark: C,S,B,L,V
Milk: S,B,M,C,L,V
White: S,B,M,L,V
Gold: B,S,M,1,W,2,3,L,V,T
Ruby: S,B,M,C,L,A,V
Mint: S,B,M,L,V,4,5
PB: B,S,P,L,6,T
Cin: B,S,D,N,L,7

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