Collection: Lemon Chocolate Collection

Experience an audacious twist on chocolate indulgence with our vibrant, zestful lemon chocolate bar that's sure to pique the curiosity of foodies and culinary aficionados alike. Crafted with an ample 25% of authentic dried lemon powder, this confection harmoniously melds the zing of citrus with the richness of cocoa butter to awaken your taste buds. As the velvety cocoa butter gently dissolves, a bold splash of citrus tang envelops the palate, balanced with the sweetness of cane sugar and the subtle addition of lecithin for a perfectly textured finish. It's not just chocolate; it's an adventurous and upbeat experience that promises to leave you with the unmistakable 'Lemon Face'. Savor the tart surprise that awaits in every bite.

Lemon Chocolate Collection