Collection: Coconut Chocolate Collection

Indulge in the essence of the tropics with our exquisite Coconut Chocolate bar. Each bite is infused with a lush 42% concentration of powdered coconut cream, paired harmoniously with the natural sweetness of cane and coconut sugars, all bound together with a whisper of sunflower lecithin. Revel in a sumptuous and velvety chocolate experience that is entirely plant-based, delighting vegans and chocolate aficionados alike. For those who prefer to savor their indulgence without sugar, we offer a guilt-free variant sweetened with the nuanced richness of monk fruit and the clarity of erythritol. Elevate your taste adventure by combining it with our Pineapple Chocolate, as featured in our Duo selection, and transport yourself to a serene moment of sipping Piña Coladas by the poolside.

Coconut Chocolate Collection