Our Story



During Covid, I was looking for a nice, delicious cup of hot chocolate. However, all I could find in the stores was powdered hot chocolate. For a premium, decadent cup of hot chocolate I would have to go into a restaurant and order dessert.

I was really contemplating to myself, is it possible to have this luxurious beverage at home? After I researched what key factors makes a good hot chocolate, I discovered its the chocolate (the real kind), that is made with cocoa butter. The powdered chocolates rely on the milk (or milk powder) to supply the creaminess. Real chocolate is usually 33% cocoa butter which adds to the creaminess of the milk. However, there was I was unable to locate a place to purchase chocolate specifically for hot chocolate.

In the late summer of 2021, my wife, Bonnie and I decided to start up a company to specifically sell chocolate for hot chocolate, “Premium Hot Chocolate Choices”. Why 'choices' ? Well, discovered through my research I found out there are several kinds of chocolate. Flavours such as: dark, milk and white, but also unusual chocolates like “Gold” caramel chocolate and South American “Ruby” chocolate. Our main focus was to offer many different flavours of chocolate for hot chocolate.

We want to offer Premium Chocolate for you! We source our chocolate from Belgian and France, which is harvested sustainably & with fair-grade practices. 

Many of you have met us through our Christmas Markets. During this experience, we ended up expanding our product line, based on demand. Giving you the product line of "chocolate coffee" which turns your coffee into a mocha.

During the summer months of 2022, we expanded our product line to offer chocolate bars for snacking. Our unique line of fruit chocolate (sourced from France) are absolutely delectable. This chocolate is made with dried fruit powder (like strawberry, raspberry & more). These bars are created with only fruit, cocoa butter & sugar. It has an intense real-fruit flavor that you'll be thinking about for days after. 

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We’re excited to bring you the world of chocolate.


Timm & Bonnie


Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to offer abundant hot chocolate making choices using the worlds finest, most premium chocolate. To supply hot chocolate ingredients so delicious that no extra whip cream or marshmallows are needed to enjoy it’s delicate flavours. To let the consumer enjoy the chocolate taste like a fine wine and explore all the subtle nuances of the chocolate flavours we offer.”