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Premium Hot Chocolate Choices

Select-Your-Own Pack of 6 Hot Chocolate Disks

Select-Your-Own Pack of 6 Hot Chocolate Disks

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Our best selling chocolate drink disks come in a customised 6-pack with six 50g disks of your choosing. Our rich selection includes all kinds of classic hot chocolate flavours and some more unusual ones, such as mint and ruby, for your adventurous taste buds.

This custom-made package of six chocolate disks will permit you to create the perfect hot chocolate beverage every time.  Whether you enjoy a rich and creamy Dark (55%) chocolate, a refreshing mint (made with white chocolate), or a classic Milk Chocolate, this set is sure to give you everything you need for your favourite hot drink.

 Your favourites may include:

  • Dark (55%) chocolate
  • Milk chocolate
  • White chocolate
  • Gold (caramelized) chocolate
  • Ruby (South American) chocolate
  • Mint (made with white chocolate)

To make more than one cup at a time, see the Making Hot Chocolate page.

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